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Coming-of-Age Day

It's a colorful scene. The young ladies wear furisode, the young men wear suits or, for the more traditional, hakama. They mill about, many of the girls exclaiming over each other's hair and robes. Couples have quiet conversations off to the side, sometimes teased by their friends. All of them look their finest, and there's a sense of excitement in the air.

Though a public official, the man chosen to head the coming-of-age-ceremony looks young himself, barely an adult, with blond hair and youthful features. Once the ceremony begins in earnest, his speech is all about growth and renewal: in the environment, in the job market, in the future. A few listen intently, a few look bored, or just eager for the promise of what comes next.

As soon as the ceremony is over, the bright chatter begins again, with high spirits among the new adults as they talk about their plans to go drinking tonight, and when they plan to get their driver's license. A group of girls cluster around Ami, gushing over her looks and chirping for her attention, just as she's always wanted. She responds to them with a careless ease she's never possessed naturally, and though they melt away like the sham they are when someone else approaches, her smile is real.

(ooc: anything goes! feel free to threadjack to hang out with others as well, and feel free to move away from the main part of the dream to do something else to celebrate, or include other rite-of-passage type ideas!)
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She looks absolutely beautiful, perfectly put together (as if she'd allow anything less today of all days). It makes him proud. She's already accomplished so much. And now she's got the entire world set out in front of her. What big brother wouldn't enjoying knowing his sister's got so much promise ahead of her?

He hangs back for most of the celebration. This is her day and she should enjoy it. So he waits, leaning back against one of the walls, looking surprisingly sharp in his suit for all that he never wears one and would state it looks awkward on him. He doesn't like social gatherings or large groups when he doesn't know the people but today isn't about him. It's about her being the center of attention he knows she enjoys. He can lurk in the shadows for something like that. When she finally does spot him though, he can't help but smirk, just a little. He doesn't move because he isn't going to end her day but there's no mistaking the fact he's waiting.
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Blue eyes roll just a little upward and to the side at her summary of him and his shoulders move a little self-consciously under the dark fabric. The little twist at the edge of his mouth though says he enjoys the compliment even if he thinks she's biased. His is completely honest and accurate though, he's sure when he looks back at her and states:

"Nothing compared to you. You look beautiful, Ami." One of his hands flicks out and it's his left hand, miraculously and just for her, free of any taint in this time and place. It touches the silk of her sleeve almost delicately. his voice is a soft tease. "It's intimidating."
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noooooo Fenrir! lmao ;)

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Have a snort. Yes. That's right. Men are bad. Little sisters should have nothing to do with them. Unless they're brothers. Then it's okay.

Besides, deep down, he thinks that any guy that isn't smart enough to see past Ami's polish and want the girl that's underneath the lacquer isn't worth her time anyway. Metaphorically of course. She could end up with fifteen kids one day and he's still going to pretend a stork dropped them all off.

Which is just distracting enough that he doesn't catch the gleam in her eyes until -


Excuse him. Choking.
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"Fenrir's - "

too big. too fast. too hair trigger.


"No." And he's throwing in a stern look for good measure. See? That means he's serious. Now he just needs a good reason for the 'no'. Think fast, Cloud. Any hesitation and she'll mop the floor with him.

"That dress won't work for straddling the seat."
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ah shit!

He'd forgotten about her cell phone thingy.

Fine. Compromise.

"Fenrir's too heavy to learn on. If you wipe out, you'll break bones. But I will teach you how to handle a bike. If you want and you promise to leave Fenrir alone until I say you're ready for him." A pause. "If you want to go for a ride right now though, I could kidnap you."
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lol - he's hopeless - don't abuse him TOO badly, Ami

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Off the hook.

And he wouldn't mind teaching her how to handle a bike either. Fenrir really is too big for her but something small and sleek? He thinks she'd take to it like a fish to water. And take too many risks on it too but she's also the most in control and aware driver he knows, license or no. Better he teaches her and teaches her the right way to do it than someone else do a sloppy job of it.

"Knew I should have brought the chloroform." But he's already catching her hand to take the lead out of here. Leave it to Cloud to know the fastest, quietest way out of a social gathering. "You need anything before we go?"
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true. Very true

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That's his little sister, always prepared. Or willing to make it up as she goes, it's close to the same. With a soft tug of her hand, he's already guiding her around small clusters of people and down a side hallway that will lead directly outside and to his waiting bike. Wind in his hair and Fenrir under him will feel good after so long in the stiltedness of his suit. Already he's loosening the tie with his free hand, undisturbed by pain or the memory of pain in his arm. The smirk he flashes over his shoulder at her still holds the shadow of pain and sadness but it's not in his mind to remember those things and there's the whispered hint of the old cockiness in the twist of his lips.

"I always keep my promises, Ami." For just a moment, his eyes drift as if he's trying to remember something just on the edge of his thoughts that refuses to be caught. "Even if I'm late sometimes." His eyes focus back on her and the tightness around them relaxes as he pushes the door open, holding it aside for her. "But you can make sure I keep it anyway. I don't mind."
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LOL - I don't know whether he'd be proud or worried - both. Mostly proud though

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He actually rolls his eyes at her, heading for the bike, her hand still in his.

"Somebody has to wear the damned thing." Except the quirk at the edges of his lips steals the power out of his grousing. Of course he brought the helmet. It's hers. He'd hoped he could steal her away. And... it's his way of protecting her without actually saying it's what he's doing. The same way the heavy leather jacket of his that he pulls out of Fenrir's side storage and hands to her is. Letting her adjust things to her liking, he finally lets go of her hand to swing a long leg easily over the huge bike and settle in, twisting at the waist to help her mount when she's ready if she needs it.

His little sister cleans up well - but she also messes up well too and he likes seeing that light in her eyes when they're off on an adventure. He likes being able to be that kind of brother to her.

That kind of friend.

And he doesn't need her to be anyone other than who she is. He never has.
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Cloud likes stealing her away. He likes that she lets him. And so once she's on he works off his tie and shoves it in his pocket, slipping the first two buttons on the dress shirt free. Her arms around him get a light press of his hand against them, enjoying being close between two people who have such a awkwardness with figuring out how to touch and then he leans forward a little, heeling up the kickstand and starting Fenrir with one smooth, habitual move. The giant bike roars to life and then settles into a rumbling purr Cloud can feel all the way down to his bones. It makes him take a deep inhale and exhale, relaxing in ways he rarely does. A shift of his head to look at her over his shoulder and a brief smirk.

"Who says we're ever stopping?"

And he kicks off, Fenrir gliding forward and curving to find the street and speed.
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Hey, the only reason he's in those formal clothes in the first place is for her. His idea of a celebration doesn't include monkey suits. Her laughter pulls the smile out of him as Fenrir's wheels find the harder surface of the road. She doesn't laugh often. She laughs because she's happy and free even less. It's a treasure she gives him that he tucks away in his chest.

"Then I'd hold you to it," his low voice still manages to carry back to her - just before he floors the bike and it leaps forward with a throaty roar.
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It IS secondary to the simply escape of motion and the fact of the matter is that, until she asked, he had no where in mind. Just the desire for speed and movement and the wind, going somewhere with her and not caring about stopping. The moment she asks though - he knows where he's headed and he turns the bike in a smooth, sleek curve of power and speed, leaning into the wind, eyes slitting. His lips pull back though, a quiet smile that's in his voice as he answers:

"You'll see."
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He just makes a throaty noise in response but it's easy to hear the smile in his tone as well. They both love speed, and he doesn't worry about scaring her as he lets Fenrir run full out, weaving with inhuman ease through the light traffic of the night, bike angling ever onward, outward, toward the edge of town as the city lights streak by in a blur.

He'd never take any risks with her safety but he knows his bike down to the smallest bolt and he knows what both he and it are capable of. His reflexes are faster than human and so is his strength. Fenrir's been designed with both of those thoughts in mind. When he's like this, there's no fear, no worries, no doubts to plague him. He's free -

and this time he gets to take Ami with him.
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They've move like they've done this together forever and in dreams maybe they have. Fenrir is a throaty roar under them and the wind is sharp proof that they're alive. The lights of the city start to grow sporatic as they reach the outskirts but Fenrir shows no signs of slowing or stopping. Whatever Cloud wants for them it's out there somewhere further out and deeper onward, far from the expectations and rules of the city fading fast behind them.

Soon there's nothing but road and rolling grass, long and unkempt, to blur past them. The air goes fresh and new, green and full of night time secrets that the country keeps for itself, far from the forever noise of the city far, far behind. It's not until the lights from the city have disappeared from the horizon though that Cloud checks Fenrir's speed, slowing to a slower roll as he takes the giant bike off the road and down a well worn path of packed earth, tall grass brushing against their knees on either side as Fenrir prowls forward in the night, Cloud's eyes a faint, glowing blue only a little dimmer than the headlight the bike catches small reflective eyes darting past in front of.

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