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oO003 || do you see what I see

It's been a few years now. Maybe he hasn't slept for awhile, or maybe his dreams have become that opaque.

Either way, the portal to his mind has opened once more, and there is the sight of a slightly-taller Lombax standing in the center of a great city that... has certainly seen better days in its prime. Something other than the local flora leveled this city allowing it to overrun the massive buildings and apparent years of research. The text upon books and certain signs is far from human, detailing very specific weapons and projects. It's nighttime now, and not a single other living being could be found.

...why? Surely such an intelligent race would not simply abandon such important work, right?

Something about this world sparks a familiar sensation in his heart. Its structure, a faint blur of the people who once resided here... but why? He's never been here before. Why would he be having these kinds of memories? He would simply turn, to question his robotic companion about the matter - Clank was, once more, nowhere to be seen.

So he sits alone, under the structural planetarium, gazing past the crafted steel and wires into the real thing beyond. He'd been brought here, and he could feel something within his subconscious telling him to stay.

He could never quell that curiosity of his.
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It reminds him of Edge... and yet doesn't. It's got the same torn apart feeling but there's no rebuilding going on, no life still managing to grow. The sounds of his boots fall loud as he makes his way down one of the broken roads. Do all things come to this, in the end? Nothing but broken dreams and forgotten memories?

He almost misses the still form sitting in the night shadows but the observatory reminds him of Cosmo Canyon and so he has to stop in front of it. When he does, he sees...

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Well, at least the voice isn't in his head this time and the critter's a little different looking. Still recognizable though and so he doesn't hesitate to join the other figure, moving to settle down next to him.

"Long time," he mutters, because it feels like a long time for some reason even if it's only been a day or two since he last heard that furry voice in his head. After a minute though, he shakes his head: "No. I woke up here."

He's not sure what that says. Another long moment in which he looks out at the broken world in front of him before he asks:

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He's got a habit of getting where he needs to go, if not in normal ways or on time, so Cloud's not too worried about getting off the planet when the time comes. As for home... he's kind of lost that all on his own and a thousand rocket ships aren't going to bring it back to him. He's got nothing else to do and sitting next to the strangely dressed creature is as good a way as any to pass the time. Better in fact because Ratchet doesn't seem to expect anything out of him.

It doesn't take one of those rocket repair scientists to figure out something's bothering the other guy though. It's hardly Cloud's place to go dredging up things like that for other people though when he's avoiding his own as best as possible. Which is to say poorly.

Fenrir's never a bad distraction subject.

"Must still be at the church," though he doesn't know for sure. He's not sure where he left himself much less anything else. Just that he's here now and that's going to have to do. "Don't think I'm going to need it much longer." A pause. "Where are we?"
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What's a church...? That's a - how does he answer that?

"It's a big building, high ceiling, big main room. It's got stained glass windows and an old wood floor that's broken in the middle so flowers grow there. It - used to hold someone very precious." His hands clasp loosely across his legs and he looks down at them. He hasn't got a lot of feeling or dexterity left in his left one. "I guess it kind of still does, because of the flowers."

A shrug of his shoulder. Everyone else seems to know.

"I'm dying. Shouldn't be long now."
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all right - I laughed. particularly at Ratchet's facial expressions

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Pale eyebrows arch just a little at the way Ratchet responds to the news before coming down a little bit. It's not exactly as if he's got a choice in the matter.

Arguing with the guy over whether he's dying or not seems... a little too strange. So instead, Cloud just tips his head up to the sky for a minute.

"It's called Geostigma. There's no cure. Everyone that catches it dies." It was almost laughable the way he'd been convinced, once, that he'd find the cure and save Denzel. Would be - if it wasn't Denzel's life he was failing. His gaze drifts to the ruined buildings again and his voice comes out soft.

"What happened here?"