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16th-Apr-2013 06:19 am - [Mingle Post] Inception
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Who: Everyone! Open to All
What: "Inception" mingle logs
When: any time
Where: dream-built settings: totems, building dreams, projections

Entering someone's dream means entering the most private, secret, and vulnerable part of their mind. It means the chance of influencing them, it means the risk of losing yourself. It means building up fantasies, and it means watching them explode when the dream crumbles.

Hold on to your totem, explore, and protect yourself.

(ooc: This is a post to keep threads together for the Inception prompt. Separate posts or additional subthreads are also fine, and this one is optional. More information on the theme can be found here.)
18th-Mar-2013 12:35 am - [Mingle Post] Adventure Classic
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Who: Everyone! Open to All
What: Adventure classic mingle logs
When: Any time. Most probably fantasy middle ages.
Where: Cities, castles, caves, towns, dungeons, forests, temples, lairs, camps... Your classic fantasy setting.

Some of you might be familiar with these dreams. Castles set upon hills watching over towns and kingdoms, dragons soaring the skies; and you, of course, as an adventurer armed with sword, spellbook, or cape, and exploring all of these places. There are towns to save, hills and forests to explore, bands of orcs and goblins to stop, and evil to be fought.

With all of these adventures? There is treasure. There is always treasure.

Caution goes to the the unwary adventurer that wanders around the woods, or the one that dwells deep within the caves and dungeons of kings and tyrants still sleeping. In these caverns and palaces left long gone for centuries lies gold, just as well as beasts and monsters that will guard these places, and don't think for a moment these places will not be filled with traps or undead just as well.

(ooc: This is a post to keep threads together for the Adventure Classic theme. Separate posts are also fine, and this one is optional. Feel free to have your characters retain their role, or assume new ones, for the adventures you will toss them at.)
10th-Mar-2013 12:33 pm - Adventure Classic: Dungeon Crawling
waterfell: (mercury ♞ forward)
From her vantage point, the entire countryside opened up before the priestess Mercury. Mountainous terrain spread from there to the horizon, dotted by caves and carpeted with forest. The broad vista took in a pristine landscape.

The beauty of the scene was marred only by the keening and noising of what might be animals, They sounded thick, and primal, and not as distant as a traveler might have preferred. Mercury faced in the direction of the noise anyway, noting it carefully, before she turned to return to her camp. More distant still, too distant to be seen, was her destination.

There was a long way to go yet, and there were many obstacles between her and her goal. Yet she had taken on this journey and quest willingly. The sign that her plans were favored were her healing powers. She was confident, in this bright morning, of her path.
9th-Mar-2013 07:57 pm - ❀ Fifth Illusion ❀ Kanda Yu
decaying: (❀ Silence)
"I won't ask you again. Try to pay attention this time."

There was a girl chained to a concrete pillar in a dimly lit area struggling to catch her breath. Her clothes disheveled, she seemed to have gotten into a confrontation with the man in front of her. She was a pretty girl with bright blue eyes, her cheeks were flushed and her full lips were swollen. Kanda had done a good number on her by then. "Is that any way to treat a woman?" She scoffed, giving the pacing exorcist a glare.

"I'm starting to lose my patience.

Truth be told, Kanda had lost it hours ago when he first placed those sealing chains on her and stabbed her a few times with his sword. Her limbs were almost useless by now and whatever threat this level four akuma had was long gone. It had been following him, stalking him for the right moment to kill him but Kanda had known. He had been waiting for the thing to strike and when it did underneath the pretense of a very frisky brothel girl, Kanda had attacked. Normally, he would have killed an akuma and moved on but this one was different, it had been wearing something very peculiar and Kanda wanted answers.

"Where did you get this headband." He asked again, bringing it to her face as he grabbed a hold of several locks of hair as he forced her to look upward at him. She yelped but the only thing that came from her lips was a very metallic evil laugh. The akuma was getting angry and it was starting to transform. Kanda was unphased.

"Silly boy, why are you chasing a red-head, you should try a blond instead."

Kanda brought Mugen against her hip, cutting into her side before grabbing at her neck and choking her. The akuma cried and shrieked trying to free itself from the impale but it only helped in making the human exterior fade only leaving the monster that the girl truly was. Kanda grinned.

"Now that the mask is off, maybe you'll start getting a little more serious."

"I'll end you, exorcist."

"Try again."

He grabbed at his swords handle and twisted it deeper into the akuma. It choked, the wound starting to calcify and chip. Kanda had gone too far, the beast was dying and he hadn't gotten the information he wanted. Again. How long was this going to go on for? All of these things following him were clearly mocking him. The akuma squirmed as it took it's last breaths, a last effort of it's pitiful existence had it scratching and tugging at his coat but to no luck. Kanda was as cold as a gravestone. He let the remains crumble to the floor as he sheathed his blade and stared at the lump of ash disappointingly clutching the green bandana in his right hand.

"... I'm sorry, Lavi." I'm trying. I'm trying everything I can...
2nd-Mar-2013 11:07 pm
stephrogers: (pains of the past and present)
The mellow dance hall had an old timey feel to it: wooden paneling, sweethearts dancing slowly with each other as the gentle music of a big band song played. Steph was standing to the side, searching over the slow moving couples to see if she could find...if she could find him. But something was off. She knew she wasn't in the 40s anymore. She knew that. She was wearing her new Captain America uniform. One that Coulson designed. Yet...yet the setting looked just like home. And there was hope in her chest that Bucky was just really late.

No. This was a dream. It had to be.
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[such a lovely day. partly cloudy, warm, gorgeous. the park is full of people enjoying the weather; families having picnics and playing games, salarymen and women taking their lunch and gabbing, sitting neatly on benches.

the person of focus at the moment is of the latter persuasion. the quality of her suit denotes how high up she must be. everything about her is professional and conservative business attire, yet with enough fashionable flair to be...cute. swirls and designs in her reading glasses, a subtle pattern in the cuffs and lapels of her blazer... Even her clearly expensive ballpoint pen is a blushing red with feminine details, as she scribbles away on a notepad and flips through papers in her briefcase (is that a pink bunny keychain?).

Her hair, even, is perfectly curled and styled...but it'

Everything is absolutely



13th-Feb-2013 10:27 pm - [OPEN] Valentine's Mingle
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Who: Everyone! Open to All
What: Valentine's Day mingle logs
When: any time generally around the holiday
Where: awkward cupid / conversation hearts / repay the gesture

Love is in the air, from chocolated Japan to cherubic America, from Victorian times to the far-off future. There are dreams of romance, candy, timid (and bold!) love confessions, and hearts everywhere.

(ooc: This is a post to keep threads together for Valentine's Day. Separate posts or additional subthreads are also fine, and this one is optional. Since some of the affects have potential to force a character's reactions icly, it may be best to discuss between the players or note your preferences/anything you'd rather avoid.)
10th-Feb-2013 01:30 am - first rosso fantasma ⚜
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The warehouse had probably been sealed off long ago. Already it had begun to fall into a state of disrepair. Sand bags, empty boxes and other supplies were littered about. Abandoned, locked away and forgotten, no longer anything that a person would care to look for. The evening sky, the sun fading fast, made it feel somehow older than it was. Like a relic from long ago. It looks so fragile. The pillars upholding it might just collapse, the beams above might fold in on themselves and bury her.

Even so, it was the perfect place for Kyoko to work though. Unwanted places, unwanted people, they all bred curses and those curses drew out Witches. So, she carried her Soul Gem in one hand as she walked along the concrete floors. The other was occupied with a piece of taiyaki. Kyoko didn't even glance at the cans as she kicked them aside, the papers as they crumbled under her boots. Her mind was wholly occupied by her cause for coming here.

But that cause was no long showing itself. Certainly, since she was still here, somehow still alive, that person should be too. Somewhere, in this place, she was there just moments ago--ah, did she feel a familiar magical signature just then? But it was gone too soon and she was left with only more wandering to look forward to.

"Tch. This is really pissing me off, y'know," she said, to no one in particular. She kicked away a can, more forcefully now.
8th-Feb-2013 10:28 am - ❀ Fourth Illusion ❀ Kanda Yu
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Kanda had been expecting some animosity on his return. No one really liked a traitor.

To his surprise, it had all been the exact opposite. The minute Kanda had walked through the main gates of the Chinese branch, he was greeted with sobs, tears, and exclamations about how he was never allowed to die or not!die the way he had again. Komui had taken him into his arms and Lenalee had sobbed and followed suite. After everyone was sure Kanda's hands couldn't reach for his sword he had been overrun by a dog pile. They told him he was home. Kanda knew better.

The only reason he had returned was because he had to. Being an exorcist meant he had to do what the innocence living inside of him wanted: kill akuma. If he went off that plan he would be corrupted and then he would become a fallen. He'd lose his mind and die in excruciating pain. Kanda had things to do before he decided to bite the dust.

I have someone to find...

After the scientists and the section leaders had their turn welcoming Kanda back, they left him to his own devices. He hadn't eaten in days so the first place he went to was Jerry's kitchen in the cafeteria. The guy was so annoyingly animated he figured it was going to take a lot of patience to deal with him. He hadn't even gotten near the cue line when he could all ready hear Jerry talking.

"Well if it isn't my new favorite General!" Several finders turned around and gave Kanda a hard look. "Where have you been? I've ordered all this soba and you haven't been here to eat it all."

Kanda gave him a weak smile and ordered his usual before sitting in the farthest corner away from everyone. He was a general now. No doubt about it.
5th-Feb-2013 04:04 pm - *001* | Skyline
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 When she closed her eyes and sleep claimed the corpse the soul of Madoka Kaname thus controlled, she dreamed of better days. 

What precisely? Anything one would think of: playing alongside her friends in a schoolyard, or even singing together in a too-small Karaoke box, the familiar sounds of badly-recorded J-Pop fluttering in the air. Madoka's heart often fluttered from event to event, grasping for the normalcy she'd left behind, and yet at the same time embracing the life she'd chosen to lead with no regrets. 

Tonight was no different. 

The school roof wasn't the most comfortable place to lie down, but Madoka cared little. She lied flat on her back, bentou long finished and neatly set aside. The sky was almost an endless expanse above her, with barely any clouds. 

The sun didn't even shine in her eyes.

With a sigh, she closed her eyes. It was so warm. She could just lie here for a while. Nobody would mind, she was sure...
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